Freedom Clause 

14 Amendments to Freedom

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“This is more than a book about God, but a life changing manual to help readers find themselves and their connection to the community around them. Colby uses stories from his personal life, trials and tribulations, mistakes and accomplishments and his failures and success, taking the reader on this visual journey of purpose and meaning. His choice to go “all in” and commit himself to being a Christian also meant he was transforming into a change agent and community leader. Anyone that is looking for purpose and inspiration, and have a desire to change should read this book.”

Dr. Emad Rahim

Associate Professor and Program Director at Bellevue University

JWMI Fellow with the Jack Welch Management Institute

Forbes contributor, former University Dean and United Nations Foundation award recipient

Freedom Clause is an invitation; an invitation to experience personal freedom through the unconditional love God offers us. Colby pens a compelling and well-balanced work filled with stories, biblical principles and practical application at every turn. This book is for Christians everywhere who may be facing defeat, anger, pain, addiction or fear, and it is for all who want to get closer to God and experience a new life.

David Wright

Youth Pastor, Faith Chapel

Colby compels us to thrive for breakthroughs in our pilgrimage life journey with Christ. Presenting an avenue of support with authentic strategies for reaching eternal breakthroughs!

 Matt Pisani , Founder of Clean Slate Living

I only read the opening to your book and I was blown away at some of your experiences and how you have turned it into the man you are today.  God is truly GOOD and you are inspiring brother.  Keep doing your thing.

Matthew F. Brazill, Liverpool High School Teacher, Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

 About the Book:

What do you do when you go “all in” for God and you are still filled with anger, depression, unforgiveness, or hopelessness? What do you do when you have tried everything and those feelings still won’t go away? What can you do when you struggle daily with feeling like no one loves you?

I was eight years old when I first tried to kill myself; eight years old and already trapped in a prison of agony.  A prison that turned into a life of crime, drugs, death, anger and hopelessness.  When my mom died my heart died, my faith died.

Luckily it is never too late for God to turn your life around.  God gave me 14 steps to experience true change, happiness, joy and forgiveness. These 14 steps can change your life, forever.

This Book Can Help You:

  • Experience true happiness and true joy in your life
  • Give you hope; real everlasting hope.
  • Set you free from anything that holds you back in life.
  • Discover your specific purpose for your life (tailored just for you).
  • Develop a healthy self-image.
  • Help produce a vision for your life.
  • Show you how that vision can direct each of your daily choices.

You need to ask yourself: “Can my life be better than it is now?” “Do I want everlasting change in my life?” “Do I want to know God better than I do?” If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this book is for you.

It is time to experience true freedom.

 About The Author

Colby Sutter is the founder and director of Seven Miles Ministry, established in 2012.

The name Seven Miles originated from a concept that means life can be like a seven-mile walk (Luke 24:13–35), for in order to change someone’s life, you need to walk the entire seven miles with them. Hence, the tagline: “Changing the World One Step at a Time.” Its mission is simple—to set people free from bondage, addiction, pain, defeat, lack of love, hopelessness, and lifelessness through motivational testimony, education, understanding, and love.

To contact Colby Sutter for speaking engagements or questions,  e mail the author at

The author most recently worked in several severely troubled Syracuse, New York, inner-city schools as a program manager. During this time, he also developed, implemented, and coordinated the continued success of his own programs, which has been noted for improving the dropout rate in the Syracuse City school district.

He has served as the gambling prevention coordinator for Prevention Network, as well as the program coordinator for youth development. His expertise is specifically on drugs and  drug addiction.

He has taught numerous classes for NYS on drug education, addiction, and gambling prevention. He has been asked on many occasions to appear on the local news as a drug expert. Professionally and personally, he has researched the dangers of addiction, producing papers and providing documentation that has been cited by local media. He has spent a great deal of time as a facilitator for those enrolled in a certified training program to become credentialed alcoholism and substance abuse counselors. Additional experience includes working for the County of Oswego Council on Alcoholism as well as participating in speaking engagements throughout the Northeast. Moreover, he has a strong background in criminal justice, working for five years as the assistant director at a federal reentry center for inmates and attending graduate school for criminal justice administration.

He has spent several years working with troubled youth at Elmcrest Children’s Center, as well as various youth groups and mission activities through his local church and with Syracuse-based organizations, such as the Rescue Mission and Teen Challenge. He currently works as the director of youth ministries, youth pastor, and Sunday school superintendent for a local church in Syracuse. His years spent working in juvenile justice and correctional institutions have softened his heart to those impacted by this epidemic. He has spoken to thousands of adults and teens about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Statistics show that every person is touched by drugs in some way, directly or indirectly. It’s his passion to bring the wisdom he’s gained on these issues to the world.

Colby Sutter is engaged to be married to the love of his life, Johanna Shuster, on October 17, 2015. He loves Jesus, reading and studying the Bible, boxing, football, and his family.

Sample of a Chapter:

Chapter 8 Image and Mind Set.

Your mind-set creates your image; it molds your life. Your image helps develop your character, and your character defines who you are as a person. Therefore, you can see why this step is so important. Your mind-set determines who you are, where you are going, and how you are going to get there. Almost all of the choices you make in life are intertwined with your image. Your image is so powerful that it fuels your life; it produces your consequences. I say this because most of us will make choices based upon who we think we are or how we see ourselves. Understand that we are free to choose whatever we want in life, but we are not free to choose our consequences. Those come from our choices. Where you are right now is a result of decisions you made or did not make in your past. Even if something negative (that you couldn’t control) occurred in your past, you still had the ability to choose your response to that event. So consequently, your current self is still based upon a decision that you made. And where you are five years from now will be a result of the choices you are presently making. We often live by how we feel.

If we want something badly enough, then we are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Sin then is produced when our choices/actions are derived from a lack of trust in God to meet certain things in our lives, including our needs and feelings. As a result of these poor, godless decisions, we create pain from our need to react. This need is fueled from childhood hurts and a misguided self-image. We then mask our pain with sin. Sin becomes the Tylenol®, the pain reliever. When we try to change our own strength, we focus on our sin, not the root cause of it—our pain. Our real focus should be on overcoming our identity.

The image that screams “I am worthless, I am a loser, I am different than everyone else.” This all comes from our hurt—the part of ourselves that hasn’t been turned over to God. Even if you believe that you had an ideal childhood, take a moment and create a virtual timeline. Consider the events of your life, both positive and negative, during your development years. List as much as you can remember for the ages 0–6, 6–10, 10–19, and 19 beyond.

Do any events stick out? Can you identify a person or an experience that to this day causes a little bit of hurt, resentment, or lingering uneasiness? Did any of these events cause you to feel a particular way about yourself? For some, it may be one distinct event; for others, it may have several. I promise you, every time I’ve done this exercise, people always find their “pain point”—one specific event that they have forgotten but subconsciously lingered through adulthood and has essentially shaped the image of who they are today.

This pain point of what had happened now causes a feeling inside them that they cover up with a sinful act. One man who did this exercise began to remember that his parents always made him go outside every day so they could have personal time together. They would say to him, “We want to be alone. You need to go outside and find some friends and play.” This seeming innocent situation made him feel rejected by his parents and not wanted. This feeling lately crept into his marriage and eventually began to destroy it, because he did not think he was worthy enough to be loved. Deep down, he felt worthless and unwanted. This was his image of himself. To be restored, this man needs to be introduced to the image God had created for him and learn to see himself for who really is.

As we have been doing, I will first define “image,” share personal examples, and then finally provide scriptural references.