Bradley E Finn, CPP-G Executive Director Prevention Network: "During his tenure I observed that Mr. Sutter rapidly developed a productive working rapport with fellow staff members. His combined command of professional knowledge and welcoming demeanor also solidified positive relationships within the community as he reached out and interfaced with a wide spectrum of individuals. I saw effective communications translated to positive outcomes for youth and legislators, from community professionals to individuals needing assistance with an addiction, or local service providers to parents seeking help with a child. His ability to interact with diverse segments of the community he was always amendable to guidance and supervisory relations. I believe Mr. Sutter has talents untapped."

Marty Masterpole County Legislature: "Thank you for all the Good work that you do for this county"

Michael Baroody FOCUS Academy Program Administrative Intern: "Throughout the 2011-2012 school year, Colby has made a tremendously positive impact on our program. He made personal connections with the students and in my opinion helped to save a number of our students from making life-altering decisions. FOCUS Academy Program Administrative Intern: "After meeting with Colby, it was remarkable to observe the turnaround in the demeanor of many of our students. FOCUS Academy Program Administrative Intern: "I would recommend Colby Sutter to work with the youth in any community. The personal connections that he was able to build with the students are something that will be a lasting impression on each and every one of them. Furthermore, Colby's passion and expertise has encouraged me to further my own education in regards to working with at-risk youth. My hope is that I will one day be able to impact lives in a similar manner in which Colby has at the FOCUS Program."

Student Feedback

"Colby is a powerful speaker! I would love for him to return anytime and talk to our kids again!"
~ John

"The website looks great! You live by example and your life change has helped so many and will continue too! "
~ Craig

"Great job guiding these young people. We are all truly bless to know you. Keep fighting the good fight, you have found your calling. Love ya Bro!"
~ Patrick Mumley

"Amazing website. Keep up the good work. You know I'll help anyway I can"
~ Mike

"i like your website it is a great opportunity for people to stop gambling and drugs !!!"
~ nathaniel christopher sutter

"My students need to be challenged on their ideas and start to think out side the box, this presentation helped them do that."
~ West Hill High School

"Colby made each individual feel what they had to say was important, it made a huge impact."
~ Girls Inc.

"Colby did a great job connecting with our students and providing them with factual information regarding substances, he was swell organized, well spoken and responsive to their questions, we could not ask for more."

"You are an inspiration"
~ Ashley

"Colby, thank you so much for taking time to talk things out with me, you really inspired me to better my self."
~ Lizzie

"Thanks for making a difference."
~ Teacher at FOCUS

"Colby, you really inspired me to do better and to be myself, we all love you Colby."
~ Bri

"Colby, thanks for helping me change"
~ Marissa

"Colby you're the best, we love having you at our school"
~ Alexandra

"You made me relies I need to change, thank you."
~ Ashlee

"Colby, you are really amazing, thank you for helping us."
~ Sierria

"Colby, you turned my life around in so many ways. Thank you for everything."
~ Sam

"Thank you for supporting me and motivating me"
~ Brandon

"You are changing lives, thank you"
~ Teacher at Focus Academy

"Thank you for all the help you have done for our students, you have been a positive force in their lives!"
~ Councilor at Liverpool Focus Academy

"you taught me so much about drugs I hope you keep doing what you do"
~ Lamar Student

"You brought something to the conference that is just indescribable"
~ Anonymous