Bradley E Finn, CPP-G Executive Director Prevention Network: "During his tenure I observed that Mr. Sutter rapidly developed a productive working rapport with fellow staff members. His combined command of professional knowledge and welcoming demeanor also solidified positive relationships within the community as he reached out and interfaced with a wide spectrum of individuals. I saw effective communications translated to positive outcomes for youth and legislators, from community professionals to individuals needing assistance with an addiction, or local service providers to parents seeking help with a child. His ability to interact with diverse segments of the community he was always amendable to guidance and supervisory relations. I believe Mr. Sutter has talents untapped."

Marty Masterpole County Legislature: "Thank you for all the Good work that you do for this county"

Michael Baroody FOCUS Academy Program Administrative Intern: "Throughout the 2011-2012 school year, Colby has made a tremendously positive impact on our program. He made personal connections with the students and in my opinion helped to save a number of our students from making life-altering decisions. FOCUS Academy Program Administrative Intern: "After meeting with Colby, it was remarkable to observe the turnaround in the demeanor of many of our students. FOCUS Academy Program Administrative Intern: "I would recommend Colby Sutter to work with the youth in any community. The personal connections that he was able to build with the students are something that will be a lasting impression on each and every one of them. Furthermore, Colby's passion and expertise has encouraged me to further my own education in regards to working with at-risk youth. My hope is that I will one day be able to impact lives in a similar manner in which Colby has at the FOCUS Program."

Student Feedback

"SYRACUSE -- Gambling is a growing problem among teenagers in Central New York, and studies show betting can lead to other risky behavior. "It can happen to anybody, anybody can get addicted,” said Colby Sutter with the Prevention Network. He says gambling is being called the new gateway drug. And dealing a hand to a teen, can lead to other addictions. "The younger youth get into gambling, the more likely they are to try other drugs or other things in the future,” said Sutter."
~ channel 9 news Gambling is growing in Central NY

"Even though the alleged distributors are older, Molly appears to be a drug of choice for teens, especially for high school students. Colby Sutter, who does youth development for the Syracuse-based Prevention Network, says it's easily available in many area schools. It's usually sold in gel-caps, for $15 - 25 per pill to be swallowed, or in powder form--slightly more expensive-- to be inhaled. Sutter says 'kids are liking it because it gives them a loose feeling,' de-stressed but at the same time with lots of energy. One dose can last all night. There are side-effects, though: 'It makes you sweat alot,' Sutter says, because the body is trying to flush the drug out, so people seem to be drinking water alot. It also raises blood pressure and makes the heart beat faster. Sutter says it also affects the brain, in as quickly as one dose, and can lead to paranoia and depression, and people get hooked on the 'good feelings' Molly provides."
~ Channel 3 news: Molly bust

"Sutter says that putting an OTB just a few miles from a college campus is asking for trouble for drunk college students with nothing else to do. Sutter is also worried that the county doesn\'t have its morals straight. \"I just don\'t believe that our government or anybody should be in the process of making money off peoples misery,\" Sutter explained."
~ Post-Standard: Onondaga County could see increased revenue with OTB

"Colby Sutter, a drug awareness educatior at the Prevention Network, says the chemicals found in \"Happy Shaman\" can pose health risks. But he says when it comes to keeping kids away from the herbs, the products legal status is a problem. \"They are coming to me and asking me to prove to me these are wrong, when they can buy them in any store and use them at any age. So that\'s tough. It\'s getting tough to tell kids they shouldn\'t be doing something when they are legal to buy,\" says Sutter."
~ Channel 5 News: \'Legal weed\' found in local stores - should it be banned?

"Colby Sutter, who works with the Prevention Network in Syracuse, says water can be very dangerous. It can cause brain damage and hallucinations. He also says people who are high on water sometimes believe they have super human strength, and they can put themselves in harmful situations because of that misconception. \"I\'m definitely hearing a lot more about it with kids that are trying it, kids that have tried it, or they know their brothers have done it or their sisters,\" says Sutter. \"It seems to be getting more and more widely used.\""
~ CNY Central News:

"LIVERPOOL, N.Y. -- Colby Sutter is the Youth Development Program Coordinator for Prevention Network. He presents every month at the FOCUS Academy in Liverpool, an alternative high school setting for students who need more individual attention. Sutter says there\'s just something special about the school, its staff and students. \"As somebody who is impartial, I\'m coming in an telling you that the school works. I have nothing to gain or lose if it closes, personally. I\'m just letting you know that my professional level, I\'ve been doing this for years, going into schools. This school works. Why close down something that works?\" said Colby Sutter, the Prevention Network Youth Development Coordinator. For many of the students at FOCUS Academy, it\'s a haven; some say, the only place they fit in. The PILOT program serves 44 students in a small classroom setting. That refuge will close at the end of the school year, sending these 9th and 10th graders back into the high school. \"Majority of them said that they would drop out. Some said that they would get their GED that they\'re not going back to the normal high school because they don\'t fit in. They find it too hard. They maybe don\'t like some of the kids there. It\'s a big school. It\'s easy to get lost in the system at a bigger school,\" said Sutter."
~ time Warner News: shutting down Focus School in Liver Pool

"\"The more that they shut these down, the better I think the community will be in general,\" said Colby Sutter, of the Prevention Network. \"The harder it is to get the access to it, the better it will be for the community.\" Meanwhile, millions of Americans will now have to turn to other websites or casinos. But if you search \"online poker\" into Google, you\'ll see it\'s slim pickings. Sutter said these online gambling websites can be addictive, and likens the pleasure we get in the brain from online gambling to that of a cocaine addiction. He said he knows the government is not stepping in because of addiction problems, but sees it as a win nonetheless."
~ Channel 3 News: Feds cracking down on online poker

"The statement says Crofoot sold the pills to young people at her dining room table. Her struggles with cash didn’t buy Edith Crofoot any sympathy with drug prevention specialist Colby Sutter, who has seen prescription drug abuse skyrocket among college students. According to statistics (NSDUH), Sutter says one in four college students -- aged 18 to 20 -- report using medications, non-medically, at least once in their lives. He believes students that take prescription drugs, non-medically, are five times more likely to develop a drug addiction "It's more or less, they had a hard week in school. So, they've been studying all week. They've been performing all week and they use it as an escape now, because you can kind of just sit back and relax and detach from reality when you are on them,” said Sutter."
~ channel 9 news Women arrested selling drugs

"Liver Pool High School says anti drug programs in schools are working. Colby Sutter has done drug education work in Liverpool for The Prevention Network. He was also glad to hear that most students knew just how dangerous a prescription drug could be. \\\"To hear that a lot of the kids turned it down is just awesome. To know that we\\\'re making a difference and that these kids are making healthy decisions and they expect more out of their lives than turning to drugs,\\\" said Sutter."
~ Channel 5 News

"Gambling opponents fear budget woes could prompt Onondaga County to welcome OTB. \"I\'m concerned it could get through this time because of the dire straits of the economy right now,\" said Colby Sutter, who counsels people with gambling addictions as a program coordinator for the Prevention Network in Syracuse. He said he plans to attend today\'s Legislature meeting just in case the OTB proposal comes up for another vote. Contact Rick Moriarty at"
~ Post-Standard

"Thank God for Colby and this amazing ministry! He\\\'s a true blessing to teens and adults alike! We came to the Re-Write Tomorrow for teens event, it was awesome!! The teens where about to experience games, music and hear about God through some amazing testimonies! As a parent it\\\'s important to me my teens to hear about God in an environment that engages them at their level. We love you Colby and thank you! From my Teens! My sons Michael & Gabriel (12 & 14) loved hearing the testimonies from the people who came! (Clean Slate) and Matt! Watching God change lives is awesome!! Hannah - (15) loved the testimonies from the ladies and Matt giving his testimony through rap! Having other teens her age getting knowledge regarding drugs was important so they can make a difference in their schools by saying \\\"NO!\\\" Victoria -(12) she also loved hearing the testimonies how God changed their life and made them feel worthy. The worship touched her heart! She enjoyed playing the games! Loved Matt rapping! My nephew Isaiah (14) loved the team being energetic and involved everyone! He loved the worship and testimonies as well. I think we all agree this was an amazing experience for them and look forward to the next event!!!"
~ Heather Haywood (Haywood Teens)

"Mr. Sutter really had a powerful message to share with our 6th graders. He engaged the students with a game that allowed the students to determine the power of making choices by playing a game similar to evens and odds. Mr. Sutter\'s knowledge, patience and his ability to answer questions from our students made for an engaging presentation. He allowed our students to feel powerful by completing \"I am statements\". We appreciated all that Mr. Sutter shared with us as Westside!"
~ Paul Crisafulli

"I am not hopeless... "
~ Blodgett 6th grade school

"I am not stupid..."
~ Blodgett

"I am a Athletic person...
I am not lazy..."
~ Blodgett

"I am a powerful Person...
I am not dumb..."
~ Blodgett

"I am grateful.....
I am not weak...."
~ Blodgett

"I am special... I am not a loser"
~ Blodgett

"I am going to open a hair salon...
I am not a failure...."
~ Kryasian @ Blodgett

"I am powerful... I am strong... I am not weak or a Loser..."
~ Knowledge @ Blodgett

"I am going to to an athlete.... I am not going to do drugs...."
~ Blodgett

"I am going to make a difference "
~ Mr. Crisafulli @ Blodgett

"I am a person that is worthy honest and respectful... I am not dumb...."
~ Blodgett

"I am smart... I am powerful........ I am not stupid or gay"
~ Will

"I am the best I can be..... I am not a thief. "
~ Andre

"Colby is a powerful speaker! I would love for him to return anytime and talk to our kids again!"
~ John

"The website looks great! You live by example and your life change has helped so many and will continue too! "
~ Craig

"Great job guiding these young people. We are all truly bless to know you. Keep fighting the good fight, you have found your calling. Love ya Bro!"
~ Patrick Mumley

"Amazing website. Keep up the good work. You know I'll help anyway I can"
~ Mike

"i like your website it is a great opportunity for people to stop gambling and drugs !!!"
~ nathaniel christopher sutter

"My students need to be challenged on their ideas and start to think out side the box, this presentation helped them do that."
~ West Hill High School

"Colby made each individual feel what they had to say was important, it made a huge impact."
~ Girls Inc.

"Colby did a great job connecting with our students and providing them with factual information regarding substances, he was swell organized, well spoken and responsive to their questions, we could not ask for more."

"You are an inspiration"
~ Ashley

"Colby, thank you so much for taking time to talk things out with me, you really inspired me to better my self."
~ Lizzie

"Thanks for making a difference."
~ Teacher at FOCUS

"Colby, you really inspired me to do better and to be myself, we all love you Colby."
~ Bri

"Colby, thanks for helping me change"
~ Marissa

"Colby you're the best, we love having you at our school"
~ Alexandra

"You made me relies I need to change, thank you."
~ Ashlee

"Colby, you are really amazing, thank you for helping us."
~ Sierria

"Colby, you turned my life around in so many ways. Thank you for everything."
~ Sam

"Thank you for supporting me and motivating me"
~ Brandon

"You are changing lives, thank you"
~ Teacher at Focus Academy

"Thank you for all the help you have done for our students, you have been a positive force in their lives!"
~ Councilor at Liverpool Focus Academy

"you taught me so much about drugs I hope you keep doing what you do"
~ Lamar Student

"You brought something to the conference that is just indescribable"
~ Anonymous