Check out my sermon from preaching at Abundant Life on 5.20.15 message called: "the one question that changed my life."

“Mr. Sutter knows all too we1401324_854436791236592_5921466814347749669_oll the perils of addiction and the inner workings of  street life and crime culture.  It’s this unique perspective that allows Colby to so genuinely impact the lives of those he meets. He doesn’t just have appropriate statistics and language, he has firsthand experience.”

What 7 Miles offers:

  1. Testimony from off of his recently published  Freedom Clause 14 amendments to freedom: published by CrossLink Publishing.  guaranteed to change your life and give you hope.

  2. Drug Education for teen youth groups

  3. Parent education about drugs and their community



Book Testimony covers: 

Goal: To set anyone free through the power of testimony of the goodness and grace of God.

My personal story is one of abuse, fighting, drugs, crime, negative thinking, attempted suicide, helplessness, and death. Thank God that is not the end of the story! Today, I am experiencing true freedom in Christ and want to help others move their own personal mountains. Using the Scripture, humor, and a poignant message on how to allow Christ to set you free, Seven Miles is changing the lives of young people.

My main focus is how identity and life choices can either cause you to succeed or fail. It’s not enough to just help people see that something is wrong with their lifestyle or self-image; you need to help them take the necessary steps to make a change. At Seven Miles we believe, that if we can help people change their image…they can change their life!

What we allow others to see on the outside is drastically different than who we are on the inside:

  • On the outside we tell others, “All is good, I am fine, I have it all together.”
  • On the inside we scream , “Help! I am hurt and have no escape!”

We do not want anyone to know this… so we hide it…

The truth is, if you allow yourself to live with pain long enough, it will become your new normal.

  • If we remain broken long enough, we forget what it is like to live without that hurt or without that brokenness.
  • We forget what it is like to be a whole and healed person.
  • We can even forget how to enjoy the beauty that is life.


We were never meant to cling to pain and brokenness. My personal testimony along with seven steps I have learned can lead to freedom. My intention in sharing this is to help anyone at any age both change in life and get closer to God.  These seven steps are ones I wish someone had told me growing up. I share them to inspire as well as spare pain and heartache. I believe change and freedom is accomplished through relationship, so I invite you to walk with me through a seven mile journey.


7 Miles to Freedom:  From the book Freedom Clause:


Mile 1: You cannot be what you cannot see

  • You can’t have the right vision for your life if you do not have the right image.

Mile 2: See no evil

  • What you see shapes your life

Mile 3: Hear no evil

  • What you Hear shapes your lifechoices

Mile 4: Speak no evil

  • What you speak comes into your life

Mile 5: Set your mind towards where you want to go in life

  • Whatever you set your mind towards your life will go towards

Mile 6: You are free to choose whatever you want in life.

  • But you are not free to choose the consequences of those choices
    • A person’s choices define his or her life.

Mile 7: Confession to God

  • Darkness cannot live in Light.


Remember when life hits you hard in the face, Jesus is your only answer.



We offer an interactive discussion on the dangers of drugs and addiction through stories and real life situations.  We intentionally talk with the youth, not at them. We ask thought provoking questions such as why someone may try drugs for the first time, what drugs they see in their schools or communities, and what they know about those drugs.  We then add expertise about those drugs.  We offer advice and resources on what to do if they or someone they know is addicted to drugs. 

Drug Education for Teens: 



Drugs Covered:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription pills
  • Heroin
  • Molly (Ecstasy)
  • Meth


Presentations can be modified based on need to also cover:

  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Bath salts
  • Synthetic Marijuana
  • PCP/Water


Drug education also includes a section about identity, choices and vision. 


Your destiny is a moving target. You need to pursue it. Chase it down.

  • Choices
    • We are free to choose whatever we want in life, but here is the scary part: we are not free to choose the consequences to those choices. Every person is a product of his or her own choices in life.
    • Your choices stem from your personal identity in the present and your vision of what you want to become in the future.
  • Identity
    • Your identity, or how you perceive yourself, determines everything from your hopes and dreams, to how you feel, what you want to do, and even your thoughts. Your identity fuels your life; all your choices come from your perception of your identity.
    • Your identity is given to you by significant people in your life. Those you choose to surround yourself with shape your identity.
  • Vision
    • You must have a vision of where you are going. Knowing where you are going in life is the first step in getting there. Vision is something nobody can see but you.  With no vision you are subjected to take any path in life.
    • A vision pulls you forward: it motivates you, it inspires you. Without vision we just move aimlessly through life without a purpose.


7 Miles offers drug education for partents


Any parent of a teenager can identify with the struggle to maintain open communication. This struggle is intensified when the topic is as sensitive as drug use and abuse. Seven Miles has the ability to be a neutral third party, presenting information to the teens while partnering with parents. Teens can see that we are both genuine and passionate. Information is respectfully submitted in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. We believe God has sent us on this mission to share truth with love and we take this very seriously.

A parent workshop is provided after talking with the youth.  We offer:


  • An open discussion with the parents of the drugs that their youth see in their schools, community, with friends, in church or any place that they may be around drugs. Emphasis will be placed on drugs that may have come up during the teen discussion.


  • Education and resources will be provided on those drugs and any other drugs that may be prevalent in that community.


  • Awareness of what to look for in their teens
    • Signs of drug abuse
    • The typical hiding places for drugs in the home


  • Empowerment regarding drug use:
    • How to prevent drug use in youth
    • How to start a conversation with a teen about drug use
    • About friends they hang out with that may be using drugs
    • Who to call for help or more information
    • A list of counselors or community agencies that can help




Hard facts 

Every teenager is touched by drug abuse one way or another.  If they have not tried drugs themselves, one of their friends have.  Drug abuse is now glamorized drugs through video games, movies, T.V. shows, and music. Here are some facts to consider:

  • Nearly half of teenage deaths are caused by drunk driving accidents.
  • Marijuana affects the part of the brain that regulates mood, energy, appetite, and attention. Consequently, one in five teens in motor vehicle accidents 18 years old and younger test positive for marijuana.
  • Weekly use of marijuana can double a teen’s risk of depression and anxiety. Youth who smoke marijuana are three times more likely to end their own lives. The younger a person starts smoking marijuana the more likely he or she is to develop a mental illness later on in life.
  • Every day 2,500 youth ages 12-17 abuse prescription pain relievers for the first time. Over 2.1 million teens abuse prescription drugs each year.
  • Heroin is running its course through every neighborhood in our community leaving behind death, destruction and broken families.


Why 7 Miles? 

I am youth pastor with spiritual covering from Abundant Life Christian Center in Syracuse New York.   I have seen so many hurting teens struggling with personal identity, choices, lack of vision and drug related issues in our own churches. Most youth groups do not touch these topics especially the topic of “real life drug education.” In addition, budget cuts in schools prevent this vital information from reaching our youth. This is a great disservice to this generation. I knew something had to be done.  I have worked hard to become a local expert in drug education.  I have been sought after by the local televised news, newspapers, magazines, schools, community agencies and parents on many occasions for drug education expertise.

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