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7 Miles offers school presentation about drug abuse, addictions, life choices, vision, images, anger, impulse control and many other topics. They also offer programs tailored to fit any school or organization, including violence reduction groups and summer boot camp.


“Mr. Sutter knows all too well the perils of addiction and the inner workings of the street life and crime culture. It’s thisunique perspective that allows Colby to so genuinely impact the lives of those he meets. He doesn’t just have appropriate statistics and language, he has firsthand experience.”





(Presentations and  School Programs)

please email for information about the school programs because they are tailored individually based on your school’s needs.  

We offer an interactive discussion with teens on the dangers of drugs and addiction through stories and real life situations.  We talk with the youth, not at them. We ask thought provoking questions on what drugs they see in their schools, communities, and what they know about those drugs.  We then add expertise about those drugs.  We offer advice and resources for what to do if they or someone they know is addicted to drugs.

Drugs covered:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription pills
  • Heroin
  • Molly (Ecstasy)
  • Meth1441383_755752327771706_231872953_n

Presentations can be modified based on need to also cover:  

  • Cocaine,Crack,Bath salts, Synthetic Marijuana,PCP/Water


Drug education also includes a section about:identity, choices and vision.

Your destiny is a moving target. You need to pursue it. Chase it down.

  • Choices
    • We are free to choose whatever we want in life, but here is the scary part: we are not free to choose the consequences to those choices. Every person is a product of his or her own choices in life.
    • Your choices come from your personal identity and your vision in life.
  • Identity
    • Your identity, or how you perceive yourself, determines everything from your hopes and dreams, what you think and feel, what you want to do, and even your thoughts. Your identity fuels your life; all of your choices come from your identity.
    • Your identity is given to you by significant people in your life.
  • Vison
    • You need a vision of where you are going. Knowing where you are going in life is the first step in getting there.  Vision is something nobody can see but you.  With no vison you are subjected to take any path in life.
    • A vision pulls you forward, it motivates you, it inspires you. Without vison we just move aimlessly through life, without a purpose.

Why the name 7 Miles?

The name Seven Miles originated from a concept that means life can be like a seven mile walk; in that in order to change someone’s life, you need to walk the entire seven miles with them. Hence our tagline, “Changing the World One Step at a Time.” Our mission is simple – to set people free from bondage, addiction, pain, defeat, lack of love, hopelessness, and lifelessness through motivational testimony, education, understanding, and love.


Colby most recently worked in a severely troubled, inner city school as a program manager in the city of Syracuse, NY. He also wrote, implemented, and oversees the continued success of his own program, which has improved the dropout rate in the Syracuse City School district.

Colby has served as the Gambling Prevention Coordinator for Prevention Network as well as the Program Coordinator for Youth Development. His expertise is specifically on drugs and drug addiction. He has taught numerous classes for NYS addiction counselor credentialing (CSAC) on drug education, and also addiction and gambling prevention. Additional experience includes, the County of Oswego Council on Alcoholism, the Rescue Mission, Teen Challenge, as well as speaking engagements throughout the Northeast.

Additionally, Colby has a strong back ground in Criminal Justice working for 5 years as the Assistant Director at a Federal Re-entry Center for inmates. Finally, he has spent several years working with troubled youth at Elmcrest Children’s Center. He currently works as the Director of Youth Ministries and Sunday School Superintendent for a local church in Syracuse.

What makes 7 miles different?

Colby has spoken to thousands of adults and teens about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Statistics show that every teen is touched by drugs in some way – either directly or indirectly. Colby’s passion is to bring the wisdom he’s gained on these issues to the world and into schools. He does this by having open discussions with young people about the dangers of drugs, why they choose to do drugs, the consequences, and what he has seen and experienced in his many years as a drug educator. He strongly believes, that we are in a war with drugs; a war that is killing our youth and he is committed to fighting back. Young people need other options. They need a safe space to talk openly about this topic and Colby… is that space.


Some hard facts 

Every teenager is touched by drug abuse in one way or another.  If they have not tried drugs themselves, one of their friends have.  Our society has downplayed drug abuse so much that it is now glamorized in video games, movies, T.V. shows, and music. Consider these facts:

  • Nearly half of teenage deaths are caused by drunk driving accidents.
  • Marijuana affects the part of the brain that regulates mood, energy, appetite, and attention. Consequently, 1 of 5 teens in motor vehicle accidents 18 years old and younger test positive for marijuana.
  • Weekly use of weed can double a teen’s risk for depression and anxiety. Youth who smoke marijuana are 3x more likely to kill themselves. The younger someone starts smoking marijuana the more likely he/she is to develop mental illness later in life.
  • Everyday 2,500 youth ages 12-17 abuse prescription pain relievers for the first time. Over 2.1 million teens abuse prescription drugs each year.
  • Heroin is running its course through every neighborhood in our community, leaving behind death, destruction, and broken families.

I have seen many hurting teens who struggle with personal identity, life choices, lack of vision and drug related issues in our own schools. Most schools do not touch these topics, especially the topic of “real life drug education.” This is a great disservice to our youth. I am a local expert in drug education.  I have been sought after by the local televised news, newspapers, magazines, schools, agencies and parents, time and time again, for drug education.


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